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David Smith

I was a patient of Dr. Bazils, but I left to go to a chiropractor that was closer to my home in Long Beach. Recently,

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Debbie Leavitt

This program totally works. I feel great because I am eating healthier and have increased energy. I recommend the nutritional program offered at Bazil Chiropractic

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John Overmeyer

My diet and health education was greatly enhanced while I lost weight and felt better at the same time. Its a win-win program.

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Monte Peterson

Monte has been with us since June of 2004. He came to us with extreme lower back pain, migraines, low energy and emotional distress. He

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Bruce Buttler

Prior to coming to Dr. Bazil’s office, Bruce Butler had been experiencing a lot of lower back pain, which gave him problems while playing Golf.

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John Boomer

Prior to coming to Dr. Bazil’s office, John Boomer had been experiencing excruciating pain and could not get out of bed. John had a lot

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Cheryl Henderson

Cheryl first visited our office in November of 2004. Before receiving care, she would rarely be able to sleep through the night and was experiencing

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Don Curtiss

Don came to our office in April of 2005 with back pain that had been evident for 18 years when he was involved in a

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