“Hi my name is Rick A. I would like to start out by saying that I feel very fortunate and blessed to have met Dr. Bazil. Over the last eight years I’ve been to numerous chiropractors and back specialists and no one has really been able to help me to the extent that Dr. Bazil has. Up to two months ago, I couldn’t walk. I was using a cane everyday, taking baby steps for about a month or two actually. Dr. Bazil took me in twice a day for two weeks, and then every day. And now I’m down to three days a week. I’m back to surfing, back to my active lifestyle. I was contemplating getting surgery but I listened to Dr. Bazil. I was patient and went through a struggle for a couple of weeks and finally got to where I’m at now. So thanks a lot Dr. Bazil. Thanks a lot for your healing hands. I definitely recommend him to anybody that’s having trouble in their life with their health.”