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Pain originating from muscles that are in spasm. The muscles are in the shortened position, but no work is being done. The lack of any real work being done by the muscle is what distinguishes it from a cramp. Myofascitis is often a cause of neck and low back sprains.


The symptoms are usually those of muscle pain with specific trigger points, and can be made worse with activity or stress. In myofascitis, the trigger point represents the center point of a spasm. A distinguishing feature of these trigger points is the referral of pain to other body parts that occurs when they are pressed. Myofascitis pain can be severe. It can mimic nerve or disk injury.


 Physical therapy utilizing such modalities as cryotherapy and electrical stimulation. Also treatments directed toward reconditioning of the muscle such as myofascial release, stretching, reeducation, and strengthening.

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